One World Spanish, Sonya Wilson

Welcome!  I am excited that you are interested in Spanish lessons for your child.  

One World Spanish™ was founded to bring personalized, high-quality Spanish instruction to children.

I started learning Spanish at an early age and it has opened up so many opportunities and friendships that I wanted to share the joy of learning Spanish with others.

As a high school exchange student in Costa Rica with a family that ran a home preschool, I was able to see firsthand how rapidly children can learn and how much fun they have doing it!

I have since been a counselor with Concordia Language Villages at “El Lago del Bosque” in northern Minnesota, studied in Guayaquil, Ecuador at Laica University and at the University of Costa Rica. I have a degree in Spanish from St. Olaf College and have traveled extensively in Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and Colombia.